This page describes the usage of the nf_quota kernel module

"Module parameters"

The nf_quota kernel module accepts the following parameters: All of those parameters may be changed during runtime through the sysfs interface (/sys/module/nf_quota/parameters)

The module can be loaded with the command:

modprobe nf_quota [options] 


The current counter values can be read through a proc interface.

If you write to the proc file these values may be changed, hosts and users may be added or modified.

For a detailed usage documentation of the proc file see the proc page


 #load module for interface eth0 using a static host list (written to the proc file)
 modprobe nf_quota intf=eth0 dhosts=0

 #load module with a global quota of 10GB, a user quota of 2GB and a Host quota of 1GB
 modprobe nf_quota limit=10737418240 userq=2147483648 hostq=1073741824

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