nf_quota kernel module documentation


This is the documentation of the nf_quota project's kernel module.

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To get information about the usage of the nf_quota module, watch the usage page.

nf_quota is a configurable ip-based traffic counting module.



nf_quota example scheme

nf_quota was designed to be installed on the host between your local clients and the internet (your router). It counts the traffic that passes the specified interface (default: ppp0) for every local ip-address. Hosts can be added to different users. The traffic for users and hosts (and the over-all traffic) can be limited. Every packet from or to a host that's over quota is dropped.


The nf_quota module supports two working modes:

dynamic hosts (default)

static hosts

The traffic statistic is accessable through the file /proc/net/netfilter/nf_quota .

If you want localhost (symbolic ip not to be able to connect to the internet set a traffic limit of 1 for it. Every packet that's sent oder received would exceed the limit and is dropped.

Implement a daemon for automatically saving the counter values and resetting the counter after a specified time (perhaps with network socket support to readout the counter values)

Implement a frontend to the proc file that's a bit more comfortable.

document, document, document

implement a graphical frontend (e.g. a desklet/widget/firefox extension/...) showing the counter values

Manuel Reithuber


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