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nf_quota became stuck 'cause I personally don't need it anymore (got a flatrate ;-) )
If you're interested in continuing the development feel free to contact me at protected address

This is the homepage of the nf_quota project.
nf_quota an ip-based traffic accounting project.
It contains of a kernel module, a log daemon and a console frontend.



nf_quota can be downloaded from here
If you want the latest subversion snapshot, visit the WebSVN page or directly checkout the head version via:

svn co nf-quota

WARNING: nf_quota is in testing stage and may contain bugs.
If you notice any errors you are welcome to post them on the sourceforge Tracker system


nf_quota is documented using doxygen.
The documentation can be found here

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The nf_quota project is developed by Manuel Reithuber
nf_quota is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPLv2. Logo